Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Did You Know ... WHM Version

Did you know that WHM ...

... told us tonight that Peeky and Peeky and Monkey Boy and Frog boy are his best friends?

... eats chips and salsa like it's going out of style?

... calls his camo-jammies-bottoms his "bad guy pants"?

... recently started taking everything he finds and turning it into a gun?

...  asks for chocolate milk before bed every night, and when I tell him no, he asks for strawberry milk, and when I tell him no, he cups his hands and shrugs his shoulders and says. "how about rayguh milk, maaaay beee?"  ("rayguh milk" is regular milk, and I still say no, because we won't let the kids have anything other than water before bed.)

... has the name of almost every Thomas the Tank Engine train memorized, and can distinguish between cars with even the subtlest difference, like Bash and Dash, or Ben and Bill, or Annie and Clarabel?

... calls Clarabel "Chockabell"?

... asks me to read him books because he "doesn't know all the words"?

... has never been on an airplane, but has been up and down the East Coast at least ten times?

... knows when we stay in a hotel to unplug the phone before he can play with it? 

... stopped taking naps earlier this year, but will still nap in the car or if I put on a show and make him lie down on the couch or my bed.

...  wakes up every morning and asks for Mommy?

... has started to interject "No!" when you tell him he can't have something, but not to be ugly as much as to correct when it was that he wanted it.  "Mommy, I have a cookie peas?" "Not right..." "No!  I mean, AFTER dinner if I eat my dinner all gone, I have a cookie?"  It's hilarious -- as if he doesn't want to face the rejection, so he changes his terms first.

... has a crazy new habit of blockading the door to wherever Mick is.  If he's in the basement, WHM blocks the door with two or three of the kids' dining room chairs. If Mick's on the deck, WHM blocks the door with the kitchen barstools. If Mick's in our room, WHM blocks the door with toys and stuffed animals.  It's bizarre -- and I fuss at him -- but it still cracks me up.

... doesn't say he wants to sit "next to you," but rather, "next by you"?  It's a sweet little quirk that I'm sure he'll grow out of soon enough, so I don't correct him.  

-- Jen

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