Saturday, May 12, 2012

Holy Pinterest!


So, dear friends and readers, I need your input. 

See, on my 101 Things, thing #92 is "Pin something original on Pinterest and get 100 repins ."

Well, as you know, I've been struggling with how to get CAM to practice her sight words, and all over Pinterest this week was "Sight Words Candyland."  Trouble was, none of the links (and none that I googled, either) had the word list!

So I made my own, using a list I got from a friend of ours who happens to be an awesome kindergarten teacher, and then I posted it here for whomever of my 12 readers would get any use from it.  And I decided, what the heck, and I pinned it.  It wasn't even in its own dedicated post, but buried in a "what did we do today" kind-of post.

And now it's up to over 160 repins!  Holy Moly! 

So, here's my question to you:  Does this count?  Yes, I pinned something and it got more than 100 repins, but it wasn't exactly my own original "thing," like my Ditalini al la Nona was.  (Which, by the way, had about 8 repins, last I checked, and I still happen to think that's super cool!)

Your opinions are welcome ... leave a comment and let me know if I can cross this off my list. 





  1. Yep! It totally counts! I have found that when I made my list of 101 things I had certain expectations for how things would play out. Some have been not nearly as exciting as I thought they would be and some have taken me a new way I wouldn't have normally gone so I say it counts and you can always have more than 1 thing get more than 100 pins :)

    1. Thanks, Jackie! I am such a stickler with myself sometimes to not "cheat," but this was one of those cases where I really couldn't decide! (Then, of course, I started asking myself if my indecision really WAS my decision ... oh, brother!) Thank you for the vote to cross that puppy off! :)