Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Miss Heather (our ballet teacher)'s Gift

Last year I felt terrible when the end of ballet rolled around and I had completely overlooked a gift for the ballet teacher, Miss Jennie.  This year, I was determined to not make that same mistake.

I was inspired by the flowerpots I had done for WHM's teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week, so I tried to make this one look like it had on a tutu.

First, I spray painted a terracotta pot and saucer in Krylon's ballet pink.

Then, I stitched together strips of tulle.  I used pink and white and probably had about 12 layers.

I folded them over each other to have wide and narrow layers but I ended up cutting them too short to pleat them around the pot, so the tutu wouldn't stick out the way I originally wanted.  I ended up modifying my plan, and hot-gluing the whole thing around the middle of the pot (my original plan was to do it at the top, and not with hot glue, but I ran out of both hands and time).  Then I just pulled some layers up and crinkled some of the lower layers.  I was happy with how it looked ... and then I created a separate little section to look like a bow, of sorts.  I think it came out alright, if not quite as perfect as I'd envisioned.

Not quite perfect, but not awful, right?  Please say right. 
I put the flowers in -- I can't remember the name of these, but I love them because they actually remind me of tutus, and they last forever -- and voila(Okay, okay, you're right -- yes, I had to vacuum the tutu because I scattered potting soil.  Whoops.)

I stuck in a little thank-you note card and a gift card to Target (because who doesn't like a gift card to Target?!) and called it a day.

What do you think? 


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