Monday, May 28, 2012

Garden Update

We've got peppers and red strawberries!

Some tomatoes, too ... though not as many as I'd like.  I realized this morning we don't have nearly as many tomato plants as we did last year -- I may have to remedy that this week.  Our eggplant has at least one bloom on it, and our cucumbers have at least eight blooms.  And our bell peppers are blooming, too! (We went heavy on the peppers this summer.)

Today, Mick and the kids and I went to Home Depot and bought some bird netting to drape over the strawberries (and maybe other stuff) to keep our crop ours.  We're selfish like that. 




  1. I didn't even know you could grow eggplants.

    I thought chickens made them.

    xoxo The Anti-Green Thumb

    1. I'm with you, Marianne. Have you seen the MiracleGro commercial with the redhead who kills everything? Mick says it's modeled after me, but I was just unavailable to film the commercial. Oh, and another thing: I can't stand eggplant!!