Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things You Should Know About Me

This is totally and completely stolen from inspired by Little Miss Momma, whose blog I just discovered today.

This is also the "Jen Trivia" version, not the mushy-gushy version.  The mushy-gushy stuff should go without saying, anyway. I tried to put stuff here that even if you know me, you might not know.

50 Things You Should Know About Me If We Are Going To Be BFF
  1. I can’t stand poor grammar, especially if you’re educated and should know better.  That's not to say I am always perfect, but if you're chronically NOT, it makes me cringe.
  2. I will be snarky about it.  (And about virtually anything else, really.)
  3. I love 40% off coupons from Michael’s and it’s almost to the point where I won’t buy anything there without one.
  4. I love, love, love the smell of laundry detergent and have been known to leave an entire box of Bounce in my car in the summer, just to get the concentrated smell.  “Clean Cotton” Yankee Candles?  Made. For. Me.
  5. I can get over a lot of things, but if you hurt my feelings I am not likely to forget it.  I might get over it, but I won’t forget it.  Unless you’re Tara.  In which case I feel certain we’ve both hurt each others’ feelings, but I can’t recall a single time. I hope she feels the same way.
  6. I knocked out my two front teeth when I was getting ready to go to sixth grade (or seventh?) and I’ve had all sorts of dental work done ever since. Say Cheese!
  7. I will do laundry like a madwoman and get through 12 loads in a day if I have to, but it will sit in giant piles, unfolded at the foot of my bed, for weeks at a time sometimes.
  8. I iron everything.   Well, except underwear.
  9. I am allergic to Nutra-Sweet and can smell it if someone next to me is chewing sugar-free gum.
  10. When I was pregnant, I could smell Diet Coke on Mick's breath from a mile away and it made me sick (and drove him crazy).
  11. I can’t stand blogs and other web pages that use a ton of different-sized fonts and {brackets} in awkward places to look cute.  It’s hard to read and makes me batty.  I’ve been known to stop reading really great blogs because they look like they were formatted by fifth-grade girls.
  12. I went to Catholic School for a day when I was in sixth grade.
  13. Sometimes I am amazed by the complete junk on blogs, and then astounded to learn those bloggers have ads and sponsors and thousands of followers … and they are telling me to spray paint a screen and sew through it and hang that trash in my house as “art.”
  14. Mick and I met on a blind date.  He was told that I was from Rhode Island and went to Boston College.  50% of those four words are correct.
  15. I try to always give people the benefit of the doubt about almost anything, unless they are grammatically incompetent, in which case I will judge them repeatedly.
  16. I can’t stand “text-speak," even in text messages, and I will take up three texts to say the same thing I could have said in one, just to avoid those abbreviations.
  17. I don’t think it’s appropriate to tell an adult “shut-up” ever, even in the joking “Shut up! Really?!” kind-of way.
  18. I grew up with St. Bernards, but don’t like other peoples’ dogs.
  19. I can’t stand cats.  Don’t try to win me over.  You will only make me angry.  I hate cats.
  20. I had to go to college a week early for band camp.
  21. I can’t stand lying.  ‘Fess up if you mess up, and we can go from there.
  22. You will hurt my feelings more if you leave me out of invites than about almost anything else you can do.
  23. I will tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it, and I will back up my opinion.
  24. My grandfather died on my sister’s birthday, and I had to fight the ladies in the front office of my own high school for them to allow me to go to her classroom to get her.  I knew that as soon as they paged for her she would break down, and I wouldn’t let that happen. 
  25. My youngest sister and I are born ten years apart to the day.  Mick and CAM share a birthday.  For a while in Alabama, we were four people under one roof -- with only two birthdays!
  26. I make lists, and then I make sub-lists and lists of lists.  And I love it.
  27. I would rather do without than have something cheap – most of the time.
  28. I drive a Mercedes, but I really miss my Tahoe, and that’s something I never thought I would say.  (Actually, I never thought I would say either of those!)
  29. I can’t dive. 
  30. When I was a kid I took organ lessons for a few years.
  31. I owe about 6 people wedding gifts, and I remember every single one and it bothers me.  A lot. And I want to remedy it in a grand way one day.
  32. I have a strange memory and will pull things seemingly out of nowhere.  
  33. I can "measure" most things without a ruler, and I'm pretty accurate.
  34. I make Monica Gellar look disorganized.
  35. I will dislike you if you are rude to wait staff for no reason.
  36. I think "excuse me" is the most under-used phrase in American English.
  37. Nerds Rope, Nerds Rope, Nerds Rope.
  38. I love to sing!  Especially ... well, everywhere.
  39. I am known to listen to the 50s station on Sirius/XM for road trips.  
  40. My college roommate only liked Red and Purple Skittles, and I only like Orange and Green.  I miss her. :)
  41. Dark chocolate, not milk chocolate.
  42. I can't do shots.  
  43. I love corn on the cob, and whenever we cook it for our family I always buy three extra ears just for me! 
  44. Mick and I planned our wedding around the SEC and ACC football schedules -- and Holy Days. 
  45. One summer day when I was a kid, the priest said it was just too hot for a homily, and ended mass early.  That was the best church day ever, until I got to college and had a hilarious run-in with some hockey players and a couple who took "peace be with you" a little too seriously.
  46. I love badminton.
  47. I couldn't wear thong-style flip-flops until I was 31 years old!  
  48. I find it relaxing to wash my car or go grocery shopping. 
  49. I still race out to the mailbox every day like a kid, hoping for goodies! 
  50. I really hope you like my blog, and I get as excited about your comments as I do about mail!

Okay, your turn!  Is there anything I need to know about you?



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    1. Thanks, Jess! Sorry I took so long to reply. It was fun to put together. :)