Sunday, April 22, 2012

Island of Sodor

Last Christmas (2010), one of my sisters gave WHM a wooden Melissa and Doug train set.  He was still too young for it at the time, but by March we opened it up and he loved it.  Couldn't get enough.  To the point where for his birthday last year, I wanted to get him a train cake.

WHM had a mild understanding of who Thomas the Tank Engine was, but wasn't really into it.  It airs here on our local PBS at too-early-for-Sunday morning, but every once in a while we'd catch it, so he knew who Thomas was but didn't really ask for Thomas.  Of course, if you buy your birthday cakes at the grocery store and you want a train cake, you get Thomas the Tank Engine, even if your kid isn't necessarily super into Thomas the Tank Engine. 

But when you get a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake, be prepared.  Because your little boy will get hooked, and you will end up with a living room that looks like this:

Don't judge me for my nasty carpet!  Someone else's problem in a few months, anyway.

If you're wondering, this took me about 2 hours, with "help" from the little people.  We didn't use all of our track, but we ran out of ways to make the rest fit without re-doing entire sections, so we called it a day.


p.s.  Many thanks go to my in-laws for buying Tidmouth Sheds, Toby's Windmill, and Knapford Station this past Christmas.  WHM's collection went from mostly generic scenery with Thomas trains, to mostly Thomas scenery, with Thomas trains, and he's beyond thrilled!

p.p.s. WHM has a train table in his room, but this is way more fun, don't you agree?


  1. All 3 boys were doing the exact same thing this morning! And you have the ROUNDHOUSE! So jealous.

    1. Ahem. That's TIDMOUTH SHEDS, missy. (Seriously, it's not the one with the motorized doors, though. Some of this stuff is out of control!)