Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WWAW (What I Am Wearing)

I just saw a blog post elsewhere about fashion.  Specifically, it was a short and sweet (and intentionally lighthearted) post about what one very popular craft blogger was wearing at a very popular craft-blogging conference. 

She looked cute and casual, and I was reminded that not only have I not yet showered today (yikes, better get going, have to pick up the kids in 30 minutes!) but that I am not by any stretch a fashion icon.

At this moment I am wearing:
  • A crimson long-sleeve t-shirt that commemorates UA Law's Homecoming 2008.
  • Black Gap Body capri workout pants.  These are not yoga pants, they are tight.
  • White "Champion" brand ankle gym socks.
  • Asics running shoes.
My hair is down but pulled back by my sunglasses, which are propped on my head.  I am wearing my omnipresent jewelry -- earrings, pendant, three rings, watch.  I'll save details for another day.

And I am chewing my gum like a cow.

Ain't I purdy?!

(In my defense, I did plan to either go to the gym or clean the basement today, activities for which my outfit is appropriate, and I did in fact work in the basement.  But I am clearly not dressed to, you know, GO anywhere!)



  1. SHUT. UP. I have on the same T. No joke.

    1. And that is only one of the ten gazillion reasons I love you. :)