Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Easter Bunny: BEFORE

The Easter Bunny came last night.  When I was a kid the Easter Bunny used to hide not just our eggs, but our baskets.  One year I am pretty sure everyone had their baskets and I didn't find mine til 4pm.  6pm.  The next day.  Anyway, I decided it was probably best not to hide the baskets quite yet.  Mick and I "hid" about 3 dozen eggs, though -- all filled with change.  (At the time, I forgot I'd bought Easter candy.  Then I went in the pantry and remembered ... but the kids love to get change and fill their piggy banks, so it worked out really well.)

Speaking of hiding the eggs, they were mostly scattered in obvious places in the living room and kitchen, but there was also a path in the upstairs hallway, leading down the steps.  Since the leprechaun tore up our house only a few weeks ago, he's been all the kids can talk about -- WHM, especially -- whenever there's a mess.  So WHM actually thought for a moment that the leprechaun had messed up his eggs, and that was cute this morning.  (When he tears up the living room and there are Thomas trains everywhere and I trip and go flying and he tells me "the lepacon" did it, not so cute.)

And speaking of messed-up eggs, I've got to upload some photos of our actual Easter EGGS. You'll love 'em.  I'll work on that as soon as I finish this post.

Anyway, back to the Easter baskets:  here are two photos I snapped with my phone last night before heading up to bed.

The loot:  Each kid got a chocolate bunny, a box of crayons, an Easter Pez dispenser, a Dinosaur Train dinosaur, a sleeve of Peeps, and a bunch of candy.  (For the connoisseurs among my readership, that means Cadbury Mini Eggs, Reese's Mini Cups, and Robin Eggs.  I also set out some chocolate-covered marshmallow bunnies and we have jelly beans galore, but those weren't in the baskets.)  WHM got two "Cars 2" cars, and CAM got a Strawberry Shortcake color-and-trace book and a Toy Story 2 puzzle. The baskets are their baskets they used for their egg hunts at school.  Last night we left them where we'd had them all week, didn't make a production out of it whatsoever, and this morning when the kids came, the Easter Bunny had filled them and set them on the table. 

"After" photos to come...


p.s.  Every time I type "Easter," it comes out initially as "eater," and I have to go back and fix my typo.  Gotta admit, it's pretty appropriate!

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