Monday, April 30, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week: Day 1

I'm the room mom for WHM's class.  He has a small class.  There is a teacher (Miss Edna) and an assistant (Miss Stephanie, or as WHM calls her, Miss Step-anie).  The rule is that parents may send in no more than $10 per teacher, or $20 total, for Teacher Appreciation Week gifts.  Because the class is so small, I didn't quite get tons of money, and so I've had to be creative.

Thank goodness for Pinterest and Michael's coupons.  I've managed to do alright. 

I had hoped to surprise the teachers with breakfast from Chick-fil-A this morning, but I realized based on how much money we raised that it was going to be teas instead.  (I could have done breakfast, but I wanted to reserve some funds to get the teachers flowers and modest little gift cards -- but more on those later.) 

I sent my friend Maci -- who is rapidly turning into a Photoshop whiz -- the slogan I thought of for the teas, and I told her I wanted something to wrap around or hang from a CFA Sweet Tea.  She made me the awesome little medallion.  (And she dashed it off in about ten seconds, I might add.  Need to learn me some Photoshop.  First, of course, I need to buy me some Photoshop.  Until then, thank goodness for Maci's awesomeness!)  

Anyway, I printed it, cut it out, mounted it to card stock, and punched a few holes that I then laced and tied to the Chick-fil-A cups.  Mick was gracious enough to go get two teas early this morning -- gotta give the guy some credit, too, because he was a big help!

What do you think?  I was pretty pleased with finding a way to turn "no, we didn't get you breakfast" into something so stinkin' cute!

This afternoon, I'm dropping off cute little bowls that we'll fill with the fruits the kids (theoretically) all brought in for the teachers today, too.  Not a bad start to the week!  Hooray!



  1. Those turned out really cute! Love the idea.

    1. Thanks! I was pretty happy with how well they came out, too!