Monday, April 16, 2012

Firehouse Birthday Party

CAM was invited to a really cool birthday party yesterday.  It started at one of our local fire stations, and the kids got to see firefighters and see the bunk room and climb around a firetruck -- apparently, this is a community service the station is glad to provide. Of course, if a call comes in, the party ends.  Likewise, once the demonstration and tour are over, you have to do your actual celebrating elsewhere.  So, after our party at the station, we all went back to Nathan's house for cake and gifts and games.   (They played bucket brigade, and CAM was the ringer for her team.  She really was fantastic!)

The guys (and gal) were fantastic.  No, not all of them talk with preschoolers all the time, but they were funny and engaging and very sweet.  And between them and the kids, it was pretty hilarious.

At one point, they asked the kids if they had any questions.  Here are some of the highlights of the kids' "questions" for the firefighters:

"One time, I was in the ocean and a wave knocked me down."

"I'm scared of ants."

"I have gills on my fingertips, and one time when my house burned down [it did not] in the fire the gills helped me breathe."

Anyway, the kids had a great time, even if they didn't quite get the idea of questions.  Then it was the firefighters' turn to ask questions.  My favorite, which completely stumped the kids:

"What's the number to 911?"

Seriously, they did a great job of explaining what they do, and showing off some of their equipment.  They talked with the kids about what to do if they see a fire or if their house is on fire, and how they shouldn't be scared of the firemen, and if they see a fireman, to go TO him, not to run away, and so on.

I took a ton of photos, and I'm sharing some of my favorites here.

Thanks, Gwinnett County Emergency Services!  This was an awesome party!

(WHM also went to a party yesterday, but Mick didn't take any photos.  Apparently the party was much smaller, and Mick said it was nice -- but I had the camera!)

Firefighter Corey pulling on his suit.

Party guest CAM paying rapt attention.

continuing to suit up ...

Once Firefighter Corey was all suited up, the kids got to come listen to him talk through his mask and feel his suit and stuff.  This is CAM ("Hipppity") hopping back to her chair after she talked with Firefighter Corey.

Getting the tour of the bunk room, and listening to the alarm that they use to wake sleeping firefighters.

Paying attention ...

I just love this one.

The whole party gang!

Bucket Brigade Blue Team's Ringer, Miss CAM!

Corn Hole with water balloons.  Awesome!

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  1. CAM's party was amazing! This firehouse thing is more my style :) Looks like a lot of fun - I will have to remember to ask about his when Darius is old enough for his own party. Looks like you all have had a fun week of parties! Love the pics!