Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Things I Can't Stand

# 10,467,213:  People who turn out in front of you on a road when there is NO ONE behind you, and then proceed to go at least 15 mph slower than you were going.

# 10,467,214: When those same people then only go 1/4 mile and then slow down even more to turn off onto a side street.  Because, you know, that stretch just could NOT wait for you to pass them.

# 10,467,215: Packing.

# 10,467,216:  Packing books.

# 10,467,217: Lifting boxes packed full of books.

Things I Love:

# 567,785,243,321:  Rediscovering all the great books I own.

# 567,785,243,322:  Ditalini Al La Nonna  (By the way: I don't know if that's spelled correctly, but that's how it appears on the menu.)

# 567,785,243,323: Taking myself for ditalini al la nonna for lunch, all my myself, and sitting there and reading a great book on my nookColor for 45 minutes.

# 567,785,243,323:  Rainy days without a giant to-do list.

#567,785,243,323:  Silly signs that I spot along the road, especially when the signs makes me smile so much I have to turn around and go take a photo:

In case Shel Silverstein is wondering, it's right here, apparently.

Looks like we break even today, kids.  Stay tuned for more!


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