Saturday, April 7, 2012

Calendar Wisdom

Back in one of my earliest posts, I mentioned the super-cool daily calendar I got from Books-A-Million shortly after the New Year.  (Yes, I buy my calendars in January.  I can't help it.  I will occasionally buy one in December if it is superfanstasticandImusthaveit, but otherwise I wait for my 50% off.  To me, buying a calendar in December is like buying something on a Sunday when you know it goes on sale Monday; I just. can't. do it!  But in the interest of full disclosure, I still keep a desk calendar that's a school-year calendar, so it's not as if we go a full calendar-less week.  I couldn't ever do that, either.  Too much to list and plan!) 

ANYWAY. Back to this super-cool calendar of mine.  It's a page-a-day calendar, but it's a notepad.  And it has brain puzzles, quotes, a list of famous people whose birthday it is, and a LOT of space to write my daily to-do list. (Or at least, one of them.  There are usually at least three.  I have lists and sub-lists and categories of lists ... you know me, so you surely expected this, right?)

Matter of fact, here's a photo from today's page.  It's messy because we don't have much to do today, and I wrote the Michael's thing in Sharpie across the page so I couldn't possibly forget to get to Michael's today.

Every night when I tear off the page to get ready for the next day, if there's a quote I really like, I clip it out and set it on my desk.  (The calendar is in the kitchen.  Ironically, it's on the counter, underneath a hanging monthly calendar.  See?  Multiple to-do lists, multiple calendars.  Different purposes.)

Yikes:  I'm a little all-over-the-place on this post, sorry.

So, I've accumulated a handful of these quotes now, and I decided I'm going to start posting them here.  Nothing fancy; nothing preachy.  Just stuff I liked for whatever reason.

Here's the first one, which I think is particularly apropos both in terms of my life in general right now, and the fact that I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy so this kind of "survivalist" theme's been on my mind:

We will either find a way, or make one.  


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