Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Facebook and Stuff

Hello, my dear readers!  So, have you noticed I added a "Pin it" button to the  bottom of my posts?  No, I haven't suddenly gone all DIY-homemaker-crafting-blog on you, but I saw a blog post a few weeks ago that talked about if you're blogging, do it right.  One of the tips was that you should add the Facebook and Pinterest buttons before you think you need them, so that the one day you go viral and wish you'd had them, they will already be there. That's wisdom, if you ask me, so I'm acting on it.

That being said, I don't exactly anticipate going viral anytime soon.  But that's kind-of the point, right?  And I thought the blogging advice was dead-on everywhere else, so I've been gradually learning how to do the buttons.  (Word of advice:  it's not hard, but it is a pain and thank goodness there are blogs out there to teach non-programming bloggers what the heck to do.  If I didn't still remember how much I hated computer programming in college, this kind of stuff would make me wish I'd been a comp sci person.)

I also started a blog Facebook page!  (It's so exciting! It already has one post.  Contain yourselves, I know this is earth-shattering.)  So hopefully in the next few days, I'll also be adding a follow-me/like-me/whatever-it's-called-today Facebook button.  Facebook doesn't make anything easy, either, so that's an after-the-kids-go-to-bed project.  If I go viral and end up on the Today Show, I promise to thank my first ten followers. 

Oh -- if you're wondering where I learned about the button adding stuff, it's from this Web page:
Blogger Sentral

And that excellent blogging advice?  From one of the funniest bloggers in the history of, well, ever:
People I Want to Punch in the Throat



  1. Thanks for the link. This is the perfect way to do it. You can link anytime you'd like or add me to your blogroll. All I ask is that you just don't cut and paste one of my posts into your blog.

  2. Hey I may be missing it, but I see ail, icons for email, blogging, twitter, facebook and google+ but I don't see any pin it at the bottom of your post. Am I looking in the wrong area?

    1. You're looking too far down. It's right below the body of the post, centered above the dotted line. And typos? I feel your paid. I lok illliterat whenn i typefromy iPad.

    2. I see it! Thanks! :)
      And thank you for the laugh!

    3. Wait! It doesn't show on your main page, but it shows on each individual post page. Which is where it should be, honestly, so people don't post your whole blog link for a specific item, but is that what you were going for?

    4. To tell the truth I am not really sure what I "intended," since I didn't really think about that -- I was more focused on finding the HTML code and placing it in the right spot of the page template code, and not the exact outcome it would have. But you're 100% right that pinning from the actual post makes the most sense. Dumb luck helped me out this time!

  3. I used my laptop and hit the mouse while typing then didn't proofread. OOPS. Jus ignore the "ail," part of that previous comment...