Thursday, April 5, 2012

What Kind of a Moron ...

... goes and buys Easter candy and forgets jelly beans?!

Oh, that would be me.

I'm also not making chocolate bunnies or other little chocolate goodies (my mom used to do that with us and I plan to do that with my own kids, but it's not going to happen this year -- I can simply not find a good chocolate store near me, and I don't like the candy melts available at Michael's or JoAnn, which seem to be my only two options.  Disappointing, but with the birthday party keeping me busy, I am kind-of okay with it), so I have to buy some of those, too.

I feel like I keep running out to get Easter Basket stuff (and grocery or birthday cake stuff) I forgot.  Grrrr.  Every time I come home and think, "phew, I can cross that off my list," I wait fifteen minutes and think of another dozen things I forgot.  It's like Chinese Food, the shopping version.  Yesterday we went to Costco and then Publix, and I was supposed to get shortening and frozen strawberries as part of my list of birthday cake stuff, and I completely spaced on it.  I had a list of about a dozen things and managed to leave those two off the list, so they were doomed.  Or I was doomed to have to go back, is more like it.

I am so ready for ...

Wait, nevermind.  I am NOT ready for this week to be over!  Definitely not!


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