Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gardening (and A Guest)

Two weeks ago (maybe three, even) Mick and I planned to take some time and plant our potted garden with the kids.  Well, CAM and I went and bought a bunch of tomatoes and peppers and other veggies, but then time got away from us, the weather didn't cooperate, Mick went out of town, we had a weekend full of birthdays, and lo and behold here we are today, and the plants were all still in their original pots.

So today, CAM and I (and theoretically, WHM) took it upon ourselves to start our garden while Mick was out.

Here are some photos -- it was hard to snap pictures and get dirty, so they are from the beginning and the end, and not too many along the way.  We ran out of pots pretty promptly -- I thought we had a lot more than we actually had -- and I had what I hope turns out to be a great idea:  use the recycling bins (which we still had in our basement) from a few houses ago.  They have holes on the bottom, they're plastic just like the pots are, and they hold enough that we could do miniature row gardens, but not so much that they are obscenely heavy.  The first one holds two Anaheim peppers and two Poblanos.  The second one holds six strawberry plants.

I'm sure you're wondering what we planted, right?!  So glad you asked.  There's one pot of tomatoes that came with its own cage.  Then we planted a Talladega tomato plant (because I wanted to be able to say I planted a Talladega tomato plant.  There is no other reason), a Roma tomato plant, and three Serrano pepper plants.  The serranos were crazy hard to find!  But we need them for salsa.  We need to go back out and get some more planters, though, because we still have to plant two cucumber plants, one eggplant, three different bell peppers, and a cherry tomato.  We didn't even go down the squash or watermelon roads!  Also, I stayed away from herbs this go-round, but we'll likely add some parsley and other stuff in as well.  I'd really like to add chives, parsley, basil, and mint, at a minimum. 

Hopefully you can start to see my photography skills improving, too.  When I took these, I fooled around with aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, and some came out better than others, but that's kind-of the point.  


So, I totally know this is redneck. But look:  they are portable, they are big, they have handles, and they have drains.  What's not to love?!

I was watering the plants with two watering cans.  As I finished the second can, this guy jumped out from it.  And I, of course, jumped out from my skin. 

Our humble garden, so far.

Check out the frog on the right.  

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