Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things That Are Much Overdue

No, not my library books, but that's definitely true.  I seriously have library books in my basement that date back to when I first moved to Atlanta.  I'd better never move back to DeKalb County, that's for sure!   In high school, I worked at our local public library and my friends joked that I worked there just to avoid my copious fines.  

I took a photography class today, to learn how to use my DSLR camera.  I am so excited.  Mick got me ("us") the camera as a gift, and with the camera came a gift of a photography magazine subscription and photography classes.  Well, it's been about 100 years, give or take, and I finally just took my first class today.

I loved it!

So, more on that to come.  The photos I took aren't amazing, but what I learned had me feeling great.

And since I thought I'd post about stuff that's been a long time coming, I also have this for you:  Photos of the project I teased way back in February.  Yes, I finished it long before April. 

Here's what happened. I saw a pin of a wine-corks letter cork board.  I thought to myself, self, I can do that.  First, we have an ample supply of corks that we have been saving for goodness-knows-why. Second, I have everything I need except the letter.

So, I took my little self to Hobby Lobby and bought a pressboard letter.  Given that I had the glue, corks, and paint, and the letter was 40% off with my coupon, I think I paid about $2 for this project.  Love it!

I introduced the pressboard letter to my good buddy Krylon, not because it needed it, but because if there would be any background visible, I wanted it to be harder to distinguish.  You know, what with putting round corks on a squared letter and all.

Then I broke out my good buddy Gorilla Glue, and started at it.  These three are just the tester area to make sure the glue would work according to plan.  It did.  As I added more corks, I glued not just the cork to the letter, but also put a drop of glue from cork to cork, for added stability.  None of the glue is visible.  I did about 5-6 corks at a time, waited ten minutes, and did more. I'd say this took me a few nights, because I did a handful of corks at a time basically during commercials after tutoring and dinner and before bed.  I wasn't exactly in a hurry.

Would you believe we ran out of corks?  Apparently we don't drink as much save as many as we used to, so I actually had to buy more wine to complete this project.  I also was surprised by just how much wine comes with manufactured cork these days.  I'd say that for about half the wine we bought, we couldn't use the cork!  It was tragic, let me tell you.  (But seriously. Count how many corks are in this letter.  Even if you drank a bottle of wine a day, which we don't, you'd take a long time to get all these corks!)

Here's the finished product:

Now I'll add this little tidbit -- since I took on this project, I've seen tutorials on how to do this and they're all very similar to what I did. But mine was inspired not by a tutorial, but by a pin linking to a place to buy the corkboards, and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out! 


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