Monday, April 23, 2012

(insert DAWN pun here)

Okay, by now you know I love coupons.

No, not like the bat-#@$#!!-crazy people that are on TV.  Those crazies are actually hoarders, if you ask me.  More like, I love the game of it.  I only buy what we use, etc. etc. etc.  We've been over this before.

What you might not know is that my youngest sister and I have this stupid little joke about Dawn dish soap, because a few years ago when she was living with us, every time it went on sale at CVS or Publix, I ended up getting it free.

Side note:  this is one of those instances where the "regular person" can score coupon deals the way the people on TV do.  If you're not familiar with those shows, the couponcrazies have coupons that the regular person doesn't get by just clipping coupons from the Sunday paper.  And they have tens of thousands of coupons, to boot, which is a whole different issue.  But in the real world, to be able to get anything free at all is usually a little coup.

Back to my story: although we do not hoard, we do have a "stuff" pantry.  Since soap doesn't expire, I'd say that at one point, I probably had about 20 bottles.   We'd joke that my sister was eventually moving out and she'd need her own supply, and poof, ours would deplete by half.  I told you, it was a stupid little joke between us, these soap deals.  And then it got to where it wasn't even fun anymore and how much soap do you need, really, anyway?, so I stopped buying it, coupons or not.

Well, fast forward a few years and the soap supply's in the single digits (gasp!) and ohmygoodness, Kroger has it on rock-star sale this week, for the first time in ages!

This is such a good sale that there is apparently a run on Dawn, because the sale started yesterday and I had to go to two different stores to find any today at 1pm --  and the second store didn't have all that many.

Enough, enough.  What's the deal I got?

Regular price:  $1.49 a bottle plus tax.  Sale price:  $1/bottle.  (Sure, it's "only" 50 cents, but with doubling coupons, getting the price down to the dollar mark is huge.  And besides, it's a 33% reduction, if you're counting.)

I bought six bottles and paid a total of $1.24 after tax!


And that, my friends, is my kicking-the-world's-tail story for the day.  


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