Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Friday was CAM and Mick's birthday.  CAM's party was Saturday, as you know. Today (Sunday), CAM had one birthday party (post about that to come -- it was pretty cool) and WHM had another, so Mick and I each took a kid to a party.  Tomorrow, CAM has her party at school.  Because she only has school Monday-Thursday and Thursday was the actual birthday of the classmate whose party she attended today, her teacher asked if we would do CAM's celebration Monday.  LAST Monday, she had her celebration at Kindermusik, so this makes a full week of CAM's birthday.

What a birthday week it's been!  Whew!

A tradition we've started in our little family is that when it's your birthday and we go out to dinner, we start dinner with dessert. (Ever want to confuse a waiter? Order dessert first.  They'll ask if you're just doing dessert, and you should be honest and tell them no, not dessert only, just dessert first.  Take it from me, it creates chaos.)   Last year, Mick was in Hawaii for his birthday so my sister ("Aunt Honkey," according to WHM) and I took the kids to Macaroni Grill (thinking, incorrectly, that they would have a decent dessert selection) for dessert and dinner.  This year Mick was in town (yay!!!) but CAM offered to let Daddy pick where he wanted to go for dinner*, and he picked a barbeque place -- so, no dessert.

And of course I'd spend the day fighting a wretched headache and quietly fretting about getting party stuff (specifically the cake) done.

BUT ... I'm pretty slick, and in my book, birthdays are important.  So when we got home from bbq and Mick thought the kids would go to bed and everyone was just toast, I whipped out a little chocolate cake I picked up earlier in the day.

Happy Birthday, handsome!  You might have to share your birthday, and roll fondant with me for CAM's cake, but you still deserve a party of your own.

Love you!!
As the last candle went out, I snapped this. Brilliant timing.  Sorry.

Pretend blowing out the candles.


*CAM picked where we would go for lunch.  EVERY day, she asks to go to Ted's Montana Grill for lunch.  We tell her no roughly 59/60 times, since we do actually go to Ted's for a nice lunch maybe once every other month.  So, she picked Ted's for her birthday lunch, and was sweet enough to say of her own initiative that Daddy should pick where to go for dinner since it was his birthday, too. 

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