Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mick and the iPad

We are all sitting on the couch right now, ostensibly watching the Red Sox.  Except Mick has to hide his eyes because he can't bear to watch the "bleepin' bullpen," CAM doesn't give a hoot and so she is snuggled right up next to me, doing a word search on WHM's iXL, I am reading on my nookColor, and WHM is climbing on my legs.

Mick just clicked on a video in his iPad and it was very loud.

CAM:  Daddy, can you lower that?  It is VERY LOUD.
(Mick lowers it.)
WHM: Daddy, can you make it louder?  I can't hear it.

Story of our lives.

And yes, the Tigers just beat the Sox as I typed that last sentence.  Good thing Mick has the iPad, after all.


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