Monday, April 23, 2012

Kid quotes

Tonight's just been rich.  These were all from the past hour:

CAM to me, as both kids are doing my hair with spray bottles and claw-clips* and barrettes and headbands and whatever else they can find, to make me vaguely represent a Frankenstein-ish robot alien monster:  "Mommy, we'll get you pretty in no time."


WHM: Mommy, I have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of boogers.
ME:  You have lots and lots of boogers?
WHM: Yes, and they are all coming out and out and out!
WHM:  And on my fingers!


WHM:  Mommy, I want regular milk.  [This is after ten minutes of begging for chocolate milk or strawberry milk and I have said no every time.]
ME:  No, honey, it will make your teeth yucky.  It's bedtime.  I'll get you water, if you want.
WHM:  Water makes me sick.

* Or, as WHM calls them, "the up and down thingies."

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