Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Bunny 2012

Well, I used to put these on Snapfish just for family, but since it's really all friends and family who read this blog, and I think these are funny enough that I don't mind them being out there for everyone else who might stumble upon them, I thought I'd post them here. 

(Family: if you want versions that you can print, let me know and I will put these on Snapfish as well. This is not a paid plug for Snapfish, by the way.   It's just what we use and it works great and I love it, so there.)

As has been our apparent tradition the past few years, I ended up in the Easter photo just to be able to get one taken.  WHM does great right up until the time when he realizes he has to go sit with the Easter Bunny, and then he loses his mind.  This time he didn't cry.  He just steadfastly refused to look at the photographer.  It was pretty funny, actually. Pigheaded?  My son?  Never. 

Okay, okay, so maybe his obstinance is a little my fault.  It also kinda makes me a little proud.  There's nothing quite like a two-year-old's willpower! 

It is funny, though:  once CAM started to really enjoy seeing Santa and the Easter Bunny, WHM got old enough to decide that he didn't.  When he was an infant, CAM was just warming to the idea.  At least, knock on wood, we never had both kids miserable at once!

Attempt #1:  CAM is ready and smiling and excited!

Attempt #2:  "The Escape."  CAM's still okay, but WHM's on his way out.

Attempt #7: CAM's over it, and WHM will look anywhere but the camera.  At least my teeth look white.

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  1. These pictures are great! I love that WHM in the first one is completely turned away and your caption on the last one had me cracking up.