Monday, April 30, 2012

Holy Pioneer Woman Dinner, Batman!

So, today being the last day in April, we still had to make the Pistachio Cake and the bonus recipe for the month, cheesy olive bread.  Of course, tomorrow is May and one of May's recipes is Chicken Parmesan, so I contemplated holding off on the bread 'til later this week to make it with the chicken.  Then I decided what the heck, and I just made it and the cake today. 

That meant that for dinner we had:

1. Leftover Spicy Pulled Pork.  Yum.

2.  Pasta Salad with Feta and Tomatoes and No Zucchini. Meh.  The flavors marinated, all right. It was WAY too parsleyed, and very dry.  Kristin was right, it needs a dressing.  Since I have other pasta salads I can whip up, this isn't my favorite -- but neither is it tragically bad.  The parsley miscalculation is really what killed it. Easy enough to fix.

3.  Cheesy Olive Bread.  Holy cow is this good, as is the mix before you make it into bread.  But be aware: it makes A LOT.  More than even I could eat, and if there were only one food left on earth I might seriously consider praying for it to be olives, so that's saying something if I say this is too much.  If you make this recipe and you've got a family with small kids and/or non-olive-eaters, you should definitely halve it. 

4.  And for dessert, Pistachio Cake.  I took only a tiny bite -- CAM didn't like it, but WHM and Mick both said, and I quote WHM here, "It's AWEsome." BONUS:  I also got to cross of one of my cake pans!  Of course, it's one I've already used, but since I promised myself to start over, it's as good as any!

Photos and dedicated posts to come.  I've got TWO sick kids now and I've got to go tuck them into bed.


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