Monday, April 30, 2012

Back to Teacher Appreciation Day ... (and other stuff from today's adventures)

... um, yeah.  I was so focused on the room mom duties, I didn't remember that CAM's class was supposed to send in two flowers per kid today.  Of course, we didn't get a reminder email, either, but shame on me for just dropping the ball on that one.  Tomorrow we're supposed to send in fruit. At least I can do that without messing up.

Also, for the first time EVER, I got a phone call today to come pick up CAM at school.  She was running a fever.  We went to a birthday party Saturday and when we got home she said she was "party sick," and put herself to bed around 7.  All day yesterday she said she was freezing and couldn't get warm, and she took a nap.  But this morning she bounded into our room bright and early as usual, happy as can be, so I didn't think anything of it.  She didn't have a fever, and although she did complain of being frozen at breakfast, our downstairs was actually pretty chilly so I just thought she was being dramatic.


So now WHM has his Target-brand Zyrtec so he can breathe (and let me tell you, that stuff worked miracles last night, WOW), and CAM's taking Tylenol.

Poor kiddo. I'm supposed to be her "mystery reader" tomorrow for one of the last days of school, and she's only been begging me to be the mystery reader since the last time I did it, and now we're looking like she may not go to school at all. Oh, and tomorrow's her last ballet class before her recital on Friday.

Timing's sure everything, huh?

Oh well.  Better today and tomorrow than Friday.

In the meantime, CAM and I brought a Teacher Appreciation gift to Miss Dana, our Kindermusik teacher, although we didn't stay for musik class.  And then she and I went to The Container Store, Barnes and Noble, and picked up an awesome little Craigslist score for WHM.  She napped in the car, which I had really kind-of planned on by taking her with me.  But when she was awake, it was clear that the Tylenol was working.  She was her typical, happy-go-lucky self, and when we got home we played in the yard with a kickball for a good while.

Life is good.


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