Tuesday, January 31, 2012


WHM and I watch PBS kids in the mornings. I'm a little off my game this morning, and he's watching Caillou right now.  (I say I am off my game because although WHM and CAM love Caillou, Mick and I have been over him for quite some time.  Caillou whines like nothing you've ever heard, and he is afraid of stuff that our kids were never afraid of.  When CAM started emulating the whining and complaining she was afraid of monsters and shadows, we knew Caillou was done in our house.  But this morning I wasn't quick enough to turn it, and rather than have WHM feel as though I was taking something away from him, I let him watch it.)

In any case, Caillou was at a skating rink, and I started singing, "I Want to Drive A Zamboni" to WHM.  Everytime I got to the word, "Zamboni," he couldn't stop giggling.  If you've ever heard the song, you know that's a LOT of giggling!

So here, for your enjoyment, is a link to a simple YouTube video of the song.  Try to not have it in your head all day.  Let me know if you succeed.  I'm quite sure I'll be humming this 'til I go to bed tonight, and quite possibly will wake up still singing it tomorrow!


p.s. if you happen to not know what a Zamboni is, they are ice-resurfacing machines.  If you've ever watched skating or hockey, you've seen them come out and drive on the ice -- that's a Zamboni (well, more often than not, it's a Zamboni.  Sometimes it's a competitor's product, but Zamboni is kind-of the generic name for it now, kind-of like BandAid is trademarked but really refers to all small bandages ... but I digress).  Anyway, if you'd like more info and trivia and everything Zamboni, check out zamboni.com.

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