Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Non-Sequiturs 1-10-2012

Wow, that was weird, typing out 2012.  

  • I'm not having the very best day today.  Ironic, considering the poem I posted last night.  So, I've reread that a few times.  Did you ever have a day where you felt like you went out of your way to be conscientious and do the right thing, and that came back and bit you in the tail?  A "can't-win-for tryin'" kind of day?  That's me today.  So I've got to get over it.  The poem's a good reminder.
  • I'm cooking the PW Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe tonight. Didn't start on it when I intended to this morning because I went along on an impromptu errand with Mick, and then came back, picked up CAM almost immediately thereafter, and had to get ready to tutor.  I'd hoped Mick would do the prep work while I tutored, but his day ran away from him as well.  So tonight the kids will eat early and Mick and I will enjoy the soup later.  CAM probably wouldn't like it, anyway, but WHM surely would have!  Oh well -- there should be leftovers for the little man.
  • The recipe is easy and flavorful.  I'll write more about that in a separate post, though.
  • The Alabama-LSU game last night was a lot of fun to watch -- I love games where it's the defense that matters, and one good reception by the other team can be a difference-maker and change the whole thing.  There's a lot of scuttlebutt out there today about how LSU just didn't show up, and Alabama didn't deserve to be there and the game was boring ... etc. etc.  Even if I wasn't an Alabama fan, that's just stupid.  No, LSU didn't play their best game, which was disappointing, but it might just be because Alabama shut them down and got in their heads.  And the two teams beat up on everyone else they faced all year -- except for each other -- where the story was defense, missed kicks, and, in two meetings, only one touchdown and no point-after!  I loved it. I was finally able to breathe in the fourth quarter when it was clear that LSU needed to score twice, but for almost the entire game I was nibbling on my nails!  But I'll take a pitchers' duel over a home run derby any day, and this was my football version of it. 
  • Because we celebrated Christmas only two days ago, our house is a disaster.  I keep trying to pick up, and truth be told, the toys all have places to go (for the most part, anyway), but I have to overhaul the closet.  And the Christmas tubs.  And break down and pack up all the ornaments, etc.  And the more I realize how much I have to do, the less time I seem to have to even do any of it!
Got to check on the soup.  More later!

Oh -- and no, I haven't uploaded/downloaded/even thought about photos yet.  Not enough hours in my day since "Christmas," but that will settle out and I'll do it, I promise!


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