Friday, January 20, 2012

Look What I Found!

My visit to Williams-Sonoma was fruitless, as was my first search online, but it's because I was looking for tart pans when, apparently, I should have been looking for quiche pans!  Who knew?!  Mick and I were all set to hit the restaurant-supply stores tomorrow, too ... because he simply can't stop raving about the quiche and we definitely plan to make more. 

This little number will live in my house before the end of this weekend.  I feel it.

Quiche problem, solved!  This is the Gobel Standard Nonstick Round Quiche Pan, and sells for $26.


Update:  Although this is not an online-only item, the two W-S stores nearest me did not have it.  (Also, there are two other super-fancy-schmancy malls not too far from me, that I thought for SURE had Williams Sonoma stores, and they don't.)  So we ended up trekking almost 90 minutes each way in a monsoon this morning to go get the one pan like this in our entire state.  Glad I put it on hold yesterday!  More importantly, this means more quiche is on its way.  Mick and I finished the last of it this morning and in between bites commented on how we need to have this on our counter at all times.

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