Wednesday, January 11, 2012

101 Things in 1001 Days

A few years ago, a friend of mine in Tuscaloosa (who happens to also blog -- check her out at told me about a project she was doing.  It's called 101 Things in 1001 Days.  She'd read about it somewhere and made her own list, and readers of her blog were (and are) able to follow along with the periodic posts as she accomplishes things from her list.  Mick and I talked about it back then and started writing our own list, but aside from a few tossing-ideas-around conversations, we never really followed through (and I never really forced the issue, either, so it makes sense that as far as being a both-of-us project, it fell flat).  I am all about accountability; I'm talking we needed to print the list and hang it in the kitchen, kind-of thing.  But we never even came up with 101 things together, so as far as being OUR list, it fizzled out.

Still, I loved the idea, so I wrote my own list and have carried in my planner for the past two years an ever-increasingly tattered and worn printout.  And then I realized at some point last year that I had put more "wish list" kinds of things on it than things that I would actually be able to do (regardless of finances, location, family schedule, etc.).  I also put a lot of financial goals on it, and while I think they are important, I have realized lately that my list was not quite what I had hoped.   It was more like a financial plan with interspersed travel goals than it was a family/personal improvement/activity list.  That's not quite the right way to describe what I was going for, but what I had certainly wasn't it, either.

So, I decided to write a new list this year.  This one will focus more on family and activities and less on money and travel.   I'm still working out my 101 things for this go-round.  I plan to post my new list here in the next few days.  Now, in addition to following along with our cooking club, you can follow along as we cross items off our list! I'd love to know what you think, and if you take on a similar project please let me know -- we can follow along and encourage each other!


UPDATE:  I finalized my list, taking some from the old, some from Jackie's list (I hope you don't mind, Jackie, but your list is so inspiring!) and other ideas that I just decided on tonight.   I added the list as a new page (see the tabbed link in the yellow ribbon bar up top), and I'll periodically blog about what I accomplish and then annotate that page.

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