Tuesday, January 24, 2012

House Projects


Not quite perfect, but a whoooole lot better.  Checked off the list, with a caveat that if I find more of the Rubbermaid canisters that I like, I can make a few more tweaks.

Powder Room Towel Rack

A few months ago, CAM and WHM decided to try to do chin-ups with the towel rack in the powder room.  Problem is, it was a builder grade towel rack installed without even the most primitive of wall anchors.  So they ripped it right out of the sheet-rock.  I'm amazingly handy, but there were two issues.

 First, the new builder-grade towel rack that I went and bought at Home Depot had brackets that were oriented perpendicular to the original ones.  What the heck?!  It meant I had to line the brackets up super close to the original ones to be able to cover the nasty holes ... And second, the sheet-rock was so weakened -- and of course there were no studs -- that it was soon a lost cause trying to do this the "quick" way.

Of course, I could have patched it using a screen and then used no-stud-required wall anchors, and that would have been easy enough, but there were two problems.  (Are you drawing a tree diagram here yet?  These are the last branches, I promise.)

First, that required time.  And second, that meant I would then have to PAINT the powder room.  And there were two problems with that, in turn. (Oops, I lied.  THESE are the last tree-diagram branches.  No, really, I mean it this time.)  First, I love to paint but didn't have it in me, because second, there is another weakened wall spot adjacent to the shower, and that wall problem's been there since the house was built, and if I was going to patch and paint I was going to PATCH AND PAINT, and suddenly this stupid towel rack was turning into a major project in a house we don't even want, and I didn't really feel like spending $50 for the paint and some primer all because of a stupid towel rack! 

So ... this went very quickly down the slippery slope from an easy project to one that I didn't care to tackle whatsoever, and the result was that the bathroom sat looking like a crackhouse mess for months -- until today, that is.  I've been so sick of living like this and having to chuckle away at "Oh!  Don't mind the kids doing chin-ups and ripping out the towel rack!" whenever anyone came by (and then, when they continue to visit over the months, that gets old ..."Hi, yes, we are really lazy and don't care if we look and live like slobs...").

I finally had a brilliant idea.  I could attach the towel-rack brackets to wooden medallions, and attach the medallions to the wall.  With glue.  Because I don't care.  If we stay in this house long enough to want to to this right, well, we can rip the medallions off the wall, patch and spackle the spots we need to patch and spackle anyway, and move right along.

Hobby Lobby had medallions for FIFTY CENTS each!  I painted them with some white gloss paint I already had, and voila!  Towel rack, hung back up.  Looks decent enough to get by, and it cost me $1.06 plus the cost of the rack.  I call this a success.  I am having an Initials party here this weekend, and now I don't have to be embarrassed.  Phew.


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