Sunday, January 29, 2012

If you Clip Coupons ...

... or if you don't, but want to get started, today is your day!  The last Sunday of the month is usually a great one for coupons, especially Proctor and Gamble ones.   Here in our area, our newspaper offers the "Double Paper" (the early and late editions bundled together) for $1 less than the price of purchasing two papers, and I try to always get the double paper on these Sundays.

I know I promised I'd write a little about how I "do" my coupon clipping and savings, and this post isn't quite it, but I thought I'd remind everyone that it's P&G Day!  (My sister Courtney and I often remind each other of P&G Day, especially when one of us is traveling or otherwise has an off-schedule, because we're pretty loyal to a bunch of P&G products.  When we miss a week of P&G coupons we get so frustrated!   We're so conditioned to having them, that we'd rather not buy the stuff that month, than to buy it without a coupon. I'm not sure if that's sad, but I'm going with practical.  It's like buying something full-price at Michael's craft stores.  Can't do it!  It hurts! Because I KNOW there's a 40% off coupon every single week!)

A friend of mine from high school recently posted on her Facebook page that she needed to start to learn how to use coupons, and a bunch of people commented with all level of tips and advice.  The one that stood out to me was the one comment that simply said, "Buy the Sunday paper," because it was such a great reminder to start at the beginning.

Anyway -- without sounding like a coupon-manic nutcase, it's Sunday, which means it is coupon day.   So, if you're starting with coupons, start there.  :)


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