Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snacks Conversation

Actual conversation just now:

CAM (as I am clearing the table from lunch): Mommy, I'm hungry.

ME (exasperated):  You just said you didn't want any lunch!

CAM:  I know.  Can I have a snack?

ME:  What would you like?

CAM:  Candy.

ME:  No.

(five minutes go by...)

ME:  CAM, would you like me to make you a sandwich like the one you had at school?

CAM:  No, I think I want a snack. 

ME: What would you like?

CAM:  Candy.

ME:  No candy.  Would you like a banana?

CAM:  No.  May I have an apple?

ME:  Oh, honey, those apples are for a recipe we're going to make later.

CAM:  May I have some candy?

ME:  No.

CAM:  May I have a banana?

ME:  Yes.

Mommy wins!  Mommy wins!  And the crowd goes wild!

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