Thursday, January 12, 2012

Don't Squeeze the Charmin!

Just a quick funny before I go attack the project that is the garage...

The other day I went grocery shopping, and to make the best use of a Proctor and Gamble deal and some coupons I had, I ended up buying two small packs of Charmin.  (For those of you that follow my deal-hunting, we do use Charmin, so this wasn't a purchase-because-I-have-a-coupon situation.  I despise those.  But I almost never buy TP at Kroger: I typically buy the bigger packs when they go on sale at Target and they offer a free gift card, or when Costco has a coupon.  Buying the smaller packages at Kroger was a better price, though, so I did it.)

Anyway, CAM was being especially helpful that afternoon, and she carried one of the packs upstairs for me.  WHM, of course, then wanted to help as well, so he came over and took the other package and carefully brought it upstairs.  Toilet paper on the step in front of him, climb up a step, lift the tp package, climb up a step, tp on the step in front, climb up a step, all the way for the entire flight of stairs.

When he got to the top, CAM was waiting for him and by golly, he must have been tired, because he decided to push the package along the floor.  With CAM riding on top of it.  And then they traded spots and she pushed as he rode down the hallway on the package of toilet paper.

And so, after three (almost four) decades of living on this earth, I finally had a real reason to shout, "Don't Squeeze the Charmin!!"

Made my day!

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