Sunday, January 29, 2012

Movie Night!

Yesterday was a busy day in our house. First, I ran to our local "teacher supply store" to get a book for CAM to practice handwriting and some manual dexterity drills.  They were having their "everyone's an educator" sale and earlier in the week I had spotted a book there that I wanted to get, and the cashier whispered to me, "Come back Saturday!"  So I did.  The book was $18.99, but I had a 40% off coupon and then was able to reach into a bucket and draw another discount -- and I drew 25% off my total purchase!  So I got the original book and two other smaller workbooks for CAM, plus a goodie bag and some candy, all for less than the original price of the first book.  Rock Star!

(Side note -- the store opened at 10am.  I got to the parking lot at 9:55 and it was almost completely full and there were people waiting outside the door to the store!  Who knew a school supply store's sale would generate such buzz?!  Although I don't blame the teachers one bit -- anything that you purchased yesterday you could get laminated immediately -- at no cost, which is a pretty big deal. Then for every $50 you spent you got a $10 coupon, AND everyone got to reach in and draw their discount, which ranged from 10% to 40% off your entire purchase.  Pretty great deals if you need some big-ticket classroom items, or even just a lot of little stuff.)  

Okay, so I got home at 10:17 (yes, exactly 10:17 and I noted it because the store only opened at 10 and I was already home that soon!) and Mick took the kids with him to the office and an errand for a little while.  I was hosting a "National Meeting Day" for Initials, Inc., and he was helping me to have the time before the shindig to get ready. If you're not familiar with Initials, Inc., it's a catalog company that sells purses, totes, and other gifts.  The party was basically a new catalog celebration kick-off, and it was short, sweet, and simple -- but it meant that the downstairs had to be more than the usual casual level of clean but messy (if that makes sense), especially because some of the ladies who were coming were not people I already knew.  If you care to hear more of how I got into the whole catalog party thing to begin with, leave a comment and I am happy to share!  (And no, I don't drink the KoolAid, don't worry.)

So the moral of the story is that Mick was awesome and took the kids out in the morning so I could put the finishing touches on the food and the cleaning, and then when party time rolled around, he and WHM went to lunch and CAM stayed with me for the "party."  (Really, she stayed to eat about 10,000 mini cupcakes, but it's not as if I was counting...)

The party was a success, and as soon as everyone left I was back in comfy-cozy pants and a t-shirt and fleece hoodie.  (My fabulous Christmas gift from my sister, if you've been reading the posts all month!)  I had a headache that had been with me since I woke up, and the call to do absolutely nothing but rest on the couch was compelling. 

And then the icing on the cake and the point of this entire post: after dinner and once it got dark out, we all snuggled together on the couch, under a super-warm blanket, and turned out all the lights and watched Cars 2.  It was fabulous and the perfect end to a busy day, headache and all. 

p.s.  There's one more thing.  I got to come downstairs this morning to an unusually-clean living room.  I mean, it actually looks nice, and presentable, and nice and presentable!  That was about as good as Christmas morning for me!

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