Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Funny Christmas Sequence

These photos are from Christmas Day at my parents' house.  WHM and his cousin, TSM, are opening one of T's gifts. Check out the frames:

WHM:  I'll just open this one for you ...
TSM:  Um, wait, wasn't that mine?

Hey, let me help you with that.

This is how it's done, cousin. 

Here, I'll pull this way and you push that way.

See, look, now we're getting it.

Just. Move. This. Little Bit....

Here, let me get that for you,  Because I'm TWO, you know, I'm the big guy.

Oh?  THAT's what it was?  I'm out.

Look!  This thing comes in color!

Hmm.  That kid looks like he's having fun.  Now how do I get in on that? 

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