Saturday, January 28, 2012


I love sleep.  Looooove sleep.  There are entire college classes where I only attended on exam days because I so preferred my sleep.  (Don't worry, Mom, I got As in them.   Yes, really.)  I haven't gotten consecutive good nights of sleep since 2005, but I loooooooove sleep.

CAM is my daughter.  My perfect, beautiful, smart, kindhearted daughter that I adore.

CAM doesn't need sleep.

She wakes up by 8 every day, bounding into our room, slamming open the door and carrying Bea and whatever/whomever else with a cheery, energetic, "Good Morning, Mommy!  Good Morning, Daddy!"

She almost never wakes up grumpy. 

She goes to bed usually by 8 -- but she goes to sleep usually by 11.

When she was 18 months old and still napping once a day, she used to watch Craig Ferguson with us.  She'd ASK for Letterman at 10 in the morning.  Granted, we were in the central time zone, but we're still talking about a two-year-old whose favorite television personalities were Drew Carey, Craig Ferguson, and David Letterman.  (As she got older we started not allowing her to watch Fergy Craig ... not that she would understand it, necessarily, but sometimes he's a little raunchy and we didn't want her repeating it!)

CAM gave up naps before she turned 4.  We still try to get her to nap once in a while when she clearly needs it (she IS only 4, after all), but most of the time our efforts fail.

Mick's out of town for a few nights, and when that happens the kids are allowed to snuggle in my bed.  WHM falls asleep, like his Mommy, almost as soon as his head hits his pillow.  CAM stays awake watching TV, reading, doing my hair ... and eventually, when she's done, she rolls over and goes to bed around 10:30.  Or I give up, roll over and fall asleep myself, and I just assume she eventually follows suit!

Tonight, we all came up to my room to watch Wednesday night TV.  (The Middle, Suburbagatory, Modern Family ...) We were all tucked in and comfy-cozy by 8:10.  WHM was asleep by 8:30.  By 9, he was sleeping so well that I was able to scoop him up and bring him to his own room and tuck him in with blankets and stuffed animals.  We've been listening to him snore through the baby monitor ever since.  It's 10:41 and CAM only just rolled over to snuggle in.  But once she does that, she's out.

My sweet, perfect, beautiful little girl is snuggled up beside me, sleeping soundly and looking like an angel. 

Life is great right now....

Even if I am sure to be tired in the morning.


p.s.  This post is actually from a while ago, but I don't like to let people know when we're home alone, so I scheduled this to post to the blog well after Mick got home.  Cool, huh?!

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