Friday, January 20, 2012


Or, more accurately, I was downstairs cleaning a section of the basement (part of my 101 Things ...) and WHM opened a box of my old classroom posters -- and there they were! 

I would have NEVER found them but for WHM ... and I still to this day have no recollection of putting them there.

But who cares?!  I am so relieved.  So incredibly relieved!  And even better, Mick loves them!  (Or he's faking it really well.  That's okay, too.)

This is turning out to be the best day in a long while.  

First, it is a rainy Friday, and since the kids don't have school on Fridays, we got to sleep in a little.  

Second, the kids and I stayed in our jammies and made waffles for breakfast, and I happen to have the easiest, best, waffle-iron-waffles recipe.  

Third, I was able to steal some time to blog just a little (and take all those cake-pan photos), and then Mick called and took us all to lunch, and that was a nice treat to a place we don't typically go, and lunch was delicious.  

Fourth, someone I am Facebook friends with posted something earlier that I thought was offensive (and I am NOT easily offended), so I told him so.  One of his friends quickly jumped in with something even MORE offensive, so I deleted my first comment and posted a comment to essentially say, "nevermind, I'm not going to play this little game."  My Facebook friend whose post it originally was commented in my defense, sort-of.  Now this sounds silly, but from this particular person, that was quite unexpected and a pleasant surprise, and it made me smile.  (If you're reading this, MRK, thank you for that gesture, even if we are on opposite sides of the original argument.)

Fifth, as we arrived at lunch, there were police officers standing and talking in the parking lot and a police officer just visited CAM's school yesterday, so she was excited to go and talk with them -- and that absolutely made their day and the kids' day, but it also was nice for Mick, because one of the officers happened to be a client of his (although Mick didn't know that he was a police officer).  They were able to chat for a while and it was nice to see connections fall into place and perhaps both of them will have more business for each other.  

Sixth, when we got home from lunch, WHM napped and CAM and I snuggled on the couch and watched one of my all-time favorite movies, The Rescuers.  

Seventh, I found a not-too-far Williams Sonoma that has the quiche pan and it's on hold for me 'til tomorrow.  

And Eighth, I found Mick's Christmas presents.

Tonight, we're making Twice-Baked Potatoes and Pork Chops for dinner (the potatoes are the final PW receipe for this month) and watching The Help and doing a whole lot of nothing.

Really, today was a jackpot of days.  I hope everyone else had a FABULOUS FRIDAY, too!

-- Jen

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