Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I was fussing at CAM the other day about what a mess the playroom was (or really, how she was refusing to help me clean it), and in the middle of our conversation she stopped, refocused, and said in perfect singsong clarity, "We LOVE you, Miss Hanigan!"

What could I do but laugh, while secretly cringing at just how snarky she is, and how she knows exactly what she is saying.  (I love it, but my goodness, I hope we make it through her teens!)

That was all well and good (and mostly forgotten) until yesterday morning.  CAM was not cooperating with me while I was getting her dressed, and I kept calling for her to pay attention -- because instead of being focused what she was doing, she was watching Super Why on the tv and her sleeve was getting twisted and stretched.  When she finally turned to me to fix her sleeve and shirt, I got a huge sigh and, in perfect Taylor Swift tune, "Why ya gotta be so MEAN?"

Oh, brother!  Her selection of song and movie sound bites is starting to give me a complex!


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