Thursday, January 26, 2012

On the Subject of Couponing ...

... starting yesterday and continuing through Saturday, Kroger has Tyson split chicken breasts for 99 cents a pound.  This is my "purchase now" price, particularly because it's Tyson chicken and not Kroger or another store brand. 

If you're thinking, "fine, but I have no intention of eating that much chicken right now," buy a few pounds and boil up the chicken with some basic seasoning (salt, pepper, a bay leaf).  When it cools, pull it off the bones, shred it if you like, and then freeze it.  Ready-to-go chicken for quesadillas, soups, casseroles, and whatever other chicken receipe you decide you want to try! It's also just great to throw in some spaghetti sauce and serve over pasta, and a boring dinner gets a little protein and a little dressed up.  Having chicken like this on hand is one of my staples and ensures that we don't eat like college kids even when we really feel like, well, eating like college kids.


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  1. We do that with chicken ALL the time. I buy 8 packages of chicken at a time and cook it, shred it and freeze it.