Friday, January 6, 2012


Disclaimer: I hate writing these introductory posts -- I always feel like no matter what I write, it will be cheesy! So bear with me ...

I started this blog specifically to be able to join a bloggy cooking club, the Sweet As Pie Cooking Club. I am semi-new to blogging (translation -- I started my first blog two years ago, but never really did anything fancy or, for that matter, kept up with it as much as I had hoped to), so right now I'm not very good at linking and all the bells-and-whistles formatting. I promise to improve! I'm going to make this into our family blog, too, so if you're following along you'll see posts about our days, good and bad, and our cooking adventures.

To tell you a little bit about us, we're a family of four. There's me, Jennifer, and I've got red hair. Then there's my wonderful husband, Mick, who (ahem) is not so blessed. We've got two amazing kiddos, our daughter, CAM, who is 4 as I type this, and our son, WHM, who is exactly 2 1/2. They are, as you've probably figured out by now, both redheads! I love being a mom, and right now am blessed (and sometimes stressed) to not have a job outside the home. I am a former high school math teacher, a non-practicing (ok, let's be fair: I have never practiced) attorney, and right now I stay home with our kids and tutor math in the afternoons and evenings. It's a good life, and I sometimes complain, but I definitely realize how wonderful I have it.

We love doing things as a family, and one of the things we enjoy doing -- yes, all four of us! -- is cooking. I joined this blog because I thought it would be a really fun way to meet new people and really force the issue of cooking new foods from recipes I might not otherwise get to explore. We have good friends we often cook with or for, and vice-versa, and when we do that we call it running our "test kitchen." Mick and I consider this an expansion of the test kitchen, and we are excited to begin!

I really do hope to make this blog a fun place to come hang out. I welcome comments (just please don't be ugly. We don't know each other yet, so let's not hurt feelings, ok?) and will try to respond to them all in a timely manner. So, please do let me know what you think!

Thanks for following along ... I hope you'll continue to come back!



  1. Excited to be doing this cooking thing with you! With you, me, and Catherine, it will be just like old times! Well, not really and that's probably a good thing since the old times involved lectures and exams. This will be WAY better.

  2. Jennifer, I couldn't agree more! I am very glad to be a part of this group and happy to start the year out on such a great note.