Friday, August 3, 2012

Santa Claus

Mick was out grilling dinner, I made a PW Corn Casserole, and WHM just informed me he had "stinky poops."

While I changed his diaper, this was our conversation:

WHM:  Mommy?  You amember when we went to a mall and I was a-faid of Santa Claus?
ME:  Yes, honey.  Man, these poops are stinky!
WHM:  And I was afaid of him, and I cwied and cwied?
ME:  Yes, honey.
WHM:  I don't wike Santa Claus.  I wuv you, and I wuv CAM and I wuv Daddy.  (Serious, with emphasis after each word):  But I don't wike SANTA CLAUS.
WHM (sing-songy):  But I dooooo like PRES-ents! 



  1. I'm with WHM. Mall Santa Clauses freak me out. (Not as much as ice cream trucks, wind chimes, or the Easter Bunny, though, just so we are clear.)

    1. I'm kinda with you on the Easter Bunny. I mean, we go take our obligatory annual mall photos, but what do you say to something that can't talk and isn't quite known for bringing you presents? Awkward. Maybe that's why I am in every single Easter Bunny photo since CAM was born -- neither of my kids will sit with that overgrown rodent alone! :)