Thursday, August 30, 2012

One time, we found a park...

... and on a lark, we went to the park.

As we pulled in we saw a sign that said "stop and pay at gate," 
but there was no one there to pay (we thought just because it was late).

And we had the kids, and it was a beautiful day,
So we pulled to the side and thought we'd stay.

I took CAM out and walked down to the sand,
Cell phone camera ready in hand.

As Mick and W followed behind,
A lady came out and was not very kind.

"It would be nice to ask," she said, awfully sour.
She was sarcastic and mean and a wee bit dour.

Mick said there was no one to ask (it was true),
but she was relentless, so what could we do?

He dished it right back, that old Yankee "mean,"
but she quickly gave in and could see what we'd seen.

"You saw the sign, right?" she said with a snark.
But Mick said, "look lady, we're not even parked!"

The sign said to pay, but there'd been no one around.  
Not a car, or a worker, or a sign or a sound!

She let Mick have it, which he stood there and took,
he listened and then just said, please, lady, look:

"It's the first day of school, our daughter's just five,
after school we just thought we would go for a ride.
We're just taking pictures, we're not even dressed
for swimming or playing or even to rest!"

Well, it turns out the park's private, and soon to be closed.
It's Fall now you know, so nobody goes.

It sure was gorgeous, right here in our town.
But now we know:  don't drive in if no one's around!

This gorgeous photo is especially funny because Mick's actually getting chastised.  But can you imagine living here?  Fantastic.  The lady and her husband have owned their private park/beach since 1961. 

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