Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh, Tervis.

I should explain a little for you readers who aren't quite aware of all the little details of my life (I mean, as compelling as it is, and all, I don't understand how that could be, but still...)  that for the short term, we're staying at my in-laws' place here in Maine, 'til jobs settle out and we figure out where, in fact, we want to be (whether in Maine -- which is huge, by the way -- or elsewhere).  My in-laws keep a nice supply of wine in the house (mostly red, but some white).  When we got here, Mick and I were both exhausted and it was hot, and for at least a week all we wanted to drink was a swimming pool full of sweet tea ice water.  Until one night last week when I really, really wanted a glass of wine.

But you see, I wasn't going to call my mother-in-law and ask, "Hey, can I open a bottle of wine?"  Because really.  She would be too nice to say no to me, but what if I opened a supercrazyexpensive bottle?  I couldn't put her on the spot like that.  And I was too cheap lazy confused about how to drive there to go to the grocery store to buy a bottle.  And Mick won't really drink wine with me typically, but especially if it's hot out.

So, I went wine-less.

And then my friend Kristin blogged about this. 
You can buy one!  $8!  Here's the link for your convenience -- or hit your local Bed Bath Beyond and use a coupon.  http://www.tervis.com/designs/Accessories/Shaker-top/62453ae3e6bb5dd1150f70832f89d543
It's a shaker top fora Tervis tumbler!

And the angels sang in heaven.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not a crazy Tervis addict, but in recent months I have become quite addicted to my Tervis tumblers -- provided that they have a lid on them and a straw.  (The straw must come from McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, or some other place that uses big straws.  Yes, I know you can buy Tervis straws, but I don't like to wash straws, and point of fact: I can't drink from a Tervis tumbler without spilling it all over me unless I have a straw.  New mouth.) 

Anyway, she said it would be life-changing, and she wasn't lying.

I found these boxes from our move stacked in a corner...

I labeled everything for our move, and if it was heavy or fragile, I made that clear.
 ... pulled out some tequila and mixer that were conveniently in the top box,

and made Mick and I each a margarita.

We watched Honey Boo Boo Child* -- I'm not sure if we were able to watch it because we were drinking or if Honey Boo Boo drove us to drink -- but either way, in one short evening we were out of tequila.** 

So we bought more.  And this time we're onto Strawberry Lime mixer.

It's 5:11 and I thought you deserved a photo of the tumblers and shaker top.  The things I do for this blog!


*Thanks as well to Kristin for this.  It's a train wreck we can't peel away from no matter how hard we try!
**the bottle came from our liquor cabinet in Georgia and was not full when we got here. OKay?  We are not that bad!


  1. I'm suddenly very thirsty. And I would've opened a bottle of wine. You're never going to invite me over, are you?

  2. Anytime! Standing invite! And you can open our wine without worrying that you're accidentally grabbing a $100 bottle, I can assure you. :) C'mon over -- I have a feeling we can get in a lot of trouble together.

  3. Tervis is our go-to drink holder, alcoholic or not! I'm getting one of those shaker tops, I had no idea they made them. I should get out more often :)

    1. I had no idea, either, don't feel bad! But my goodness, to call them life-changing understates it! :)