Friday, August 17, 2012

Grampa Bob's Birthday!

We have a lot of August birthdays in our family.  "Grampa Bob"'s birthday was this past Monday, but we celebrated as a family on Saturday.

I made a cake ...

(Yes, I totally stole this design from Pinterest.  I'm still perfecting my fondant skills, which is why I had to pipe the seams.  And the piping was melting! But the cake?  Chocolate cake from scratch, with homemade buttercream frosting between the layers.  It was a new recipe and we were all very pleased with it!)

Ugh.  When I look at this, all I see are imperfections.  I'm choosing to focus on how good it tasted!

... Grampa opened his presents with the kids ...

... and then we sang Happy Birthday and dug into the cake! 

Happy Birthday, Grampa Bob!  Thanks for letting us share it with you!


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