Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Days Four and Five ...

Day 4 was filled to the brim with meetings, most of which were helpful.  Mick's cousin Travis came in (he works at the same school as an ed tech.  As best as I can tell, ed techs are similar to what we called parapros in the South, but I don't know if that's entirely accurate) and Mick and the kids came in again at lunchtime.  The last meeting of the day was long and in a room that was sweltering and without air flow, but most of the rest of the day was pretty productive.  My room is not done by my standards, but as much as I can do 'til we get our stuff from Georgia, is mostly done.  It works.

I was also impressed, yet again, with just how high morale is at the school.  One of our meetings started out with a fifteen-minute slide show set to music of photos of everyone from all summer... new babies and grandbabies, kids growing older, vacation pics, hilarious captions ... and the faculty laughed and cried right along and really enjoyed it.  I've never been at a school like that, ever.  Originally the agenda for the day called for lunch on our own, but the principal ended up bringing in lunch because, as he put it, "it's money well spent for faculty and staff to get to sit and eat and be social and relax."  What?!  I seriously think I somehow crossed into the Twilight Zone.  This can't be a public school.  

Well, I say that but the kids haven't arrived yet.  Give me a week and let's see if it's still such a happy place!  hahah!  In all seriousness, they are clearly doing something right.  It's the first school I've been at in a while where people seem happy to be there.  Maybe I'm just talking to the right people, but it's refreshing.  (Which is itself a sad statement on schools everywhere else I've worked, but that's another story!)

After the last meeting of the day I worked in my room a little longer and then dashed home.  Mick and the kids and I took a ride out to Freeport (I love how close we are to Freeport!) to get CAM a replacement backpack.

Boy oh boy did we luck out.  Not only did we find one in the outlet, and not only was it a big kids' backpack, and not only was it an ADDITIONAL 30% off, but ... drum roll ... it had CAM's exact and correct monogram!  AMAZING!

Seriously, there was an angel on our shoulders.  I had been so upset about not having her backpack with us, and we not only got her one, but it was as if someone made it for us and left it there for us to find!

Oh, and Day 5?  Well, that was today, and I took the day off for CAM's first day of Kindergarten!


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