Monday, August 13, 2012

PW: Corn Casserole with Peppers

This is a quick post, because at the time we made these we'd barely unpacked anything.  We needed to eat (after two nights of eating out, we *really* needed to eat in), and I decided that if we were cooking we might as well cook from our cooking club selections -- but the camera wasn't high on my priority list! 

Anyway.  It's a shame -- not because the casserole was particularly beautiful, but because it really was quite good.

I have to say, Pioneer Woman is pretty great at taking something simple -- corn -- and making a few simple additions to change the whole profile.  This recipe is no different.

PW:  Corn Casserole with Peppers

Verdict:  YUM!  Loved it!
Cook it again:  Yes, absolutely.
Cost factor:  the most expensive parts were the heavy cream and the peppers. 

Some of you already know this about me, but not everyone.  So I'll say it here just in case:  I am a corn-on-the-cob fiend.  Up here in New England, corn's in season right now and we are fortunate enough to have our pick of a number of farm stands and let me tell you, when we cook corn we usually cook at least 2 or 3 extra ears for me.  I looooooove corn on the cob!  Can't get enough.

(CAM has inherited this trait.  She and I can sit and eat corn 'til we explode, no butter, no salt, just good old corn.  WHM, on the other hand, likes to butter and salt the corn, lick it all off, and repeat.  He won't eat a single kernel.  And he'll repeat buttering, salting, licking, until we catch him and take away his corn.  It actually makes me a little fearful for his propensity to do tequila shots when he gets older -- I mean, the steps are so similar.  Lime, shoot, salt, repeat ... butter, salt, lick, repeat -- those skills are a little too close, dontchathink?!)

Anyway.  This recipe is brilliantly easy.  Shave the corn (uncooked), and mix with 1 diced red bell pepper and 2 diced jalapenos.  Add a stick of butter, 1 cup of heavy cream, 1/2 cup of milk, salt and pepper, and bake in a casserole for 20-25 minutes.

See?  Simple!  And oh!  It was so delicious!  Not at all too spicy, but just a nice twist on a favorite.

At the time we made this I hadn't yet unpacked my measuring cups, so I poured and counted.  Our casserole was a touch soupy -- which might have been because I accidentally added a cup of milk instead of half a cup.

But I could have eaten this all week.  It was that good, soupy and all.


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