Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten!

Well, it sure was early ... but we did it!  I don't know if I shared with you how I found out that CAM's school offers both early-care and after-care, but her school is literally on my way to work (I have to drive by it to get to work -- and then go down a few blocks and around the corner -- seriously, I'm no more than 5 minutes away), and because of the early-care offering, I get to take CAM to school every morning!

I am beside myself with how thrilled I am about this turn of events.  A week ago, I was sick to my stomach over not being a part of her day, and now we get to have this time together every morning.  And while I don't like mornings, I do like time with my sweet girl.  I'm thinking we may have some early-morning Dunkin' runs once in a while, too.  You know, because we only pass three on our way ... but we'll worry about that next week.

Let's get back to today.  TODAY, my friends, was the very first day of KINDERGARTEN!  I took the day off* and we all took CAM to school as a family.**

It was early, and still not quite super bright out, but here are our photos.


We took a bunch of these, but this one was my favorite.  A little Photoshop should fix these colors right up! 

The redheads all walked to the school while Mick parked the car, so this is when Mick walked up to where all the families were waiting.  CAM ran right to him and they walked to the school building together.  It was so sweet.
 The way it worked this morning -- I imagine it will be somewhat different when it's winter next week (and I say that because it was 56 degrees this morning.  In August.)  -- was that the families all gathered in the parking lot around the school doors, and when the 7:30 bell rang, we all walked our children to their classes.  The younger kids get walked to the classrooms; the older kids (grades 3 and up) are allowed to walk themselves to class.

Contemplating all the other families waiting for the bell.

Happy to be a kindergartener!
 We have a few photos from after school, too, but I didn't bring the real camera for those, so I first have to grab them from my cell phone.  The afternoon process was the reverse of the morning in the sense that the teachers walked the students down to the parking lot and the parents found their kids, but it was a little overwhelming for CAM and I was more focused on finding her and having her find me, than on photos.


* point of fact:  I made it clear in my job interview 10 days ago that this day was not really negotiable.  Fortunately, my new principal feels exactly the same way and before I even had to say those words, he agreed with me and told me it was 100% a personal day.  He's been pretty awesome so far, I have to say.  

** point of fact #2:  I don't like surprises, so we took time this morning to learn the traffic, the parking situation, the general routine, and we even visited with the early-care teacher.  From tomorrow forward, things should not feel daunting.  Can I get an "amen?!"

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