Thursday, August 9, 2012

101 Things #68

#68:  Cook dinner every night for a week.

I'm happy to report that we finally did this one.  It's not that we don't ever cook; it's that we don't always cook.  So, we forced the issue.  It was actually pretty easy to do -- we just needed to commit to doing it!

Here's our menu:

Thursday, August 2: Cheeseburgers on the grill
Friday, August 3: Marinated grilled chicken breast with PW Corn Casserole
Saturday, August 4: Tacos
Sunday, August 5: Crunchy chicken tenders from a Pinterest recipe
Monday, August 6: leftovers (this counts; we still had to heat them up, and I can't stand to waste food!)
Tuesday, August 7: PW Spinach/Mushroom Quesadillas
Wednesday, August 8: Pork chops with onions and salsa verde

We did it!  I'm glad we did.  It was funny; another goal is to go a week without eating out even once, and we couldn't quite do that -- twice, we've been desperate for lunch and grabbed something quick and easy, even when we knew we were kind-of throwing away our eating-in efforts. 

Oh well -- there's always next week!



  1. Bravo! That is actually a goal I have before I die. At 92. When I have a live-in chef and a pool boy named Antonio.

    1. The dinner one was a lot easier than the "no going out to eat at all for an entire week," one will be. (And I said we had to accomplish that gem four times! I was clearly out of my mind.) Antonio sounds nice. Maybe he'll have a brother who likes redheads!