Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Helpers

I forgot to tell you!  Monday and Tuesday were school-wide pre-planning days. You know, the "teacher work days" before the school year starts that are supposed to be for teacher work but end up being filled with meetings.   (Well, in Georgia back in the day, we had an entire week of pre-planning, so the meetings were spread out.  In both Alabama and Maine, the pre-planning is condensed, so the meetings fill the bulk of the days.  To tell you the truth, I don't know which is worse!)

Since my new school is so close to our new home, and since I was so far behind the 8-ball as far as getting ready for the school year, on both days Mick came up to the school with the kids at lunchtime.  While Mick and I worked on the computer or the desks or hanging stuff or cleaning stuff, the kids helped, too.

They opened all the packs of pencil-top erasers and made me a "sideways tower."



  1. I like how your kids see the world. Nice that they can visit!

    1. Well, I just assumed they could visit, and no one told me otherwise! In fact, everyone seemed happy to see little ones running around, which was really wonderful.