Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Update

I'm still sick, which is partly why I've not written much in the past few days.  It was also a doozy of a busy week last week, and being sick -- but not wanting to take time off work -- meant that I kept going to bed as early as humanly possible.

Yesterday, Mick and I took the kids on a surprise trip to the Boothbay Railway Village, and I've got tons of pics to post.  Tomorrow CAM's got ballet/tap again, so I'll try to post about that, too.  And we made PW Crushed potatoes and they were absolutely fantastically delicious, so I'll post about that.  Heck, I may even get ambitious and finally make those mint brownies I was supposed to make in August.  (The bananas foster, though, I'm not so sure about.  Rum and bananas are two of my least favorite things ...)

In the meantime, I won an online contest, got a small-but-fabulous gift from Courtney, Ginny got her birthday present from us and loved it, and it has officially hit the 40s here.  As in temperature, not ages.  So it's been a week!  Oh, and my mom's been praying for us to get back on our feet and making side deals with St. Jude.  Nothing like a good little bit of Italian Catholic you-scratch-my-back deal-making!

I'm not sure I'll be able to do it tomorrow, but I promise to get back online and caught up with all of you as soon as possible.



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