Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sweet Boy

I'm posting this just so I don't forget this one day.  I was brushing WHM's teeth just now, so I sat him, as I almost always do, on the kitchen counter.  He was talking to me and commenting on the tomatoes, apples, and potatoes all in the basket or on the counter right next to him.

WHM:  Mommy, did you know apples are fwuits?
ME:  Yes, honey, I know.
WHM:  And bench-tuh-bulls.
ME:  Well, potatoes are vegatables.  Apples are fruits.
WHM:  Fruits AND bench-tuh-bulls.  Apples are fwoots and bench-tuh-bulls.  And fwuits and bench-tuh-bulls are HEALFY.

So it's not particularly funny, but it dawned on me that one day he'll just say "vegetables," "fruits," and "healthy," and he'll be a big boy just. like. that.  Kind-of like when he stopped saying Cacos (rhymes with tacos) and switched to Costco. 

I won't ever love him any less, but I wanted to remember that today, he was still my precious and sweet baby boy.


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  1. Yes! Yes! Enjoy it all now! I wish I would have never corrected them and lived with bench-tuh-bulls forever! Speech therapists be damned!