Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Cooking

The other day at work I was playing researching on Pinterest and found this lovely recipe(The original link is here, but it's one of those things where even that blogger got it from somewhere else.  I try to give credit appropriately, but these kinds of things are tricky -- so feel free to follow the path backwards as much as makes you comfortable to get to the "original" source.)  And hey -- I really do go to Pinterest practically daily for teaching-related stuff.  It's on the up-and-up, I promise ... even if my home page on Pinterest is usually way more fun (and distracting) than pins on lesson plans and manipulatives. 

Since we'd boiled up and shredded some chicken just a few days earlier and had some leftovers, and since I always have heavy cream and lasagna noodles in the house, the only things we needed were cream cheese and parmesan -- and both of those were only on the list because we'd manage to finish off what we had in the house earlier in the week!

So, these lovelies were for dinner.

Sorry about the poor photo quality.  It was later than I was happy with, so I grabbed my cell phone for a quick snapshot.

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Roll-Ups.

Let me put it to you this way:  by the time dinner was ready, I was full.  I kept dipping the extra lasagna noodles into the alfredo sauce.  It was that good.  (And I am definitely a picky alfredo eater.  This sauce was from scratch and was rich and creamy and had just enough kick, but was not that processed-cheese-canned-alfredo nastiness you sometimes take your chances with and end up getting and then deciding, for a moment, that you don't like alfredo.  No, this stuff was fantastic.  Seriously, I could have poured this in a bowl and eaten it with a spoon!  In fact, I may have done that.  I'm not tellin'.)

The gist of the recipe is this:  boil up the lasagna noodles while you make the alfredo sauce.  (It's not just delicious, it's super easy.)  Then rinse the noodles and lay them flat on a work surface.  Spoon some alfredo sauce on the noodle, then top with garlic salt, oregano, chicken, and mozzarella.  Roll and place in a baking dish so that the seam-side is down.  When the pan's full, top with the remaining cheese and alfredo sauce.  Bake for about 25 minutes.  That's it! 

I'm thinking tonight I may just make alfredo sauce to drink and crash potatoes to eat, and call it a night.



  1. Yum. It's only 10:23 am and I want that NOW.

    1. That was kind-of my response when I saw the recipe at work. It was not an option to NOT have it for dinner that night.